Clients: Sarah and Maan

May 18, 2013

Makeup by Kist Ong

It’s a birthday party!!! =D Well, at least for my clients Sarah and Maan. Their Lola was hitting 90 that day and so it meant a big celebration for their whole clan.

I was joined by Jackie, who was the hairstylist for the day, and Rose May. Rose and Jackie are workmates from TR. 🙂 We reached  Quezon City Sports Complex at 2:30pm and waited for the clients to arrive.

jackie and rosemay! =)

I met Sarah through Rose May. Sarah shared that she saw Rose May’s makeup during their company Christmas party so there I was! Her makeup artist for the day. Apart from Sarah, I also did her sister’s makeup. Maan was her older sister. 🙂

So anyway, here are their photos. 🙂

Sarah’s before and after photo! =)
here’s a closeup of her final look.


For Sarah, I tried to pull off a soft brown, sultry smokey eye. I love doing smokey eyes on everybody! I think it’s the most beautiful eye look that suits anyone! =)

Since she was one of the emcees, I though of emphasizing her features more. I added false eyelashes on her and lined her waterline with gel liner. What else.. for her lips, I did a nude look with a slight hint of pink!

Here’s Maan. =)

I forgot to take a before photo. Classic! =(
this is a closeup of her final look. =)


I used a matte burgundy colour on Maan’s eyes then applied violet shimmer shadow on top . This colour suits dark brown eyes no matter what skin colour you have. It’s what I’ve noticed while doing makeup for different people. I love this colour. ❤

Maan and Sarah with their final looks. =)


What do you think of their looks? 🙂

PS. Jackie, thanks for coming with us!! 😀

Kist XO

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