First Debutant

March 23, 2013

Meet Alyssa, my first ever debutant! 🙂 I never thought I’d be able to put makeup on a debutant but last Saturday, I did! Tita Anna, who is also a graduate of Maquillage Professionnel, referred me for the job. (Thank you Tita!! <3)

The venue was at Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo. 🙂 The party was to start at 7PM. We had LOTS of time to prepare! 🙂

Here’s how it went!! 😀

before-afterThis is her before and after photo! 🙂



That’s her final look! 🙂 From her FB page. 🙂

Her hair was done by Tita Anna’s assitant. To achieve this look, I groomed her eyebrows first. After which, I put  primer on her face as a base then applied orange color correcter under her eyes to neutralize the color of her eye bags. I then applied liquid foundation all over her face and neck using a sponge then set it with loose powder.

Once the base was completed, I contoured her face, under the cheek bones, temples and forehead, nose and jaw line. I then applied some brow powder on her eyebrows to fill up missing spots. To finish the brows, I put brown brow gel.

For her eyes, I packed on some purple eyeshadow onto my brush and applied it on her eyelids only. I smoked it outward to her brow bone using a blending brush. I then used a liquid pen eyeliner to line her eyes as close as possible to her upper lash line. I curled the lashes and put on mascara.

I applied the same color used on the lids at around 3/4 on to the outer corner of her lower lash line. I then lined it with black pencil eyeliner again only at 3/4 from the outer lower lash line. Then i lined the waterline with beige color eyeliner. Added highlight colour to the brow bones and inner corners of the eye.

After that, I measured the false eyelashes and trimmed it as necessary. Applied some lash glue on the upper lashes then put second coat of mascara! 🙂

Apply blush to the cheek bones.

For her lips, she had me use a pink lipstick which was her own. 🙂

What do you think of her look?:)

Kist XO

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