Possibly My First Published Work

Janaury 14 ,2013

One of the thing’s I’d like to accomplish as a budding makeup artist is to have my work published in any way possible . Early this January, an opportunity did come. I’m glad I was given the chance to work for Job Street PH.

I was to put makeup for 10 people in a full-day shoot! The photos will be used for various ad purposes such as tarpaulins, online ads, and more. Hopefully, I will see these printed somewhere prominent. Hihi 🙂

Here are a few photos of the scene and some of the real and inspiring people who got their dream job through Job Street who got Kist and Made up!. 🙂


This is my humble set up. 🙂


That is the set. 🙂


Here is a list of the ladies and gentlemen I got to work with that day.


I chanced on Lea here, who is a batchmate of mine from UPLB, there at the office of Job Street while looking for a scarf. Apparently  she works there! 🙂


This is Ms. Kai and Sasha. Sasha is the director of the shoot.

Below are photos of the models with their final look while some, in action!

IMG_9021 IMG_9022 IMG_9024 IMG_9026 IMG_9027 IMG_9035 IMG_9036 IMG_9037 IMG_9038 IMG_9039 IMG_9041

The day ended well. Thank you to Paula for getting me this job. I hope next time they still get me as their makeup artist. 😉

I’ll post more photos here once I see them published!  Exciting!!!!

Kist XO

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