First Wedding Gig

I would’t have this wedding gig if it weren’t for Kim, one of my classmates from makeup school. 🙂 Together with Judy, another classmate of ours, we went to our first ever wedding as makeup artists and hair stylists!

Kim did the bride’s makeup. This is her workstation! ❤

The bride wasn’t ready for makeup yet since her hair was being done first. So Kim decides to put makeup on the Bride’s mom.

Here’s the finished looked with the hair done. Judy suggested that we replace the lip color from pink lips to red. So I applied this red lipstick on her. Looks fab, don’t you think? 🙂

I did the makeup of the bride’s sister. Her name is Marj. Too bad I don’t have a “Before” photo. 😦

What do you say? 😀
This is Judy and the Bride with her makeup and hair done. 🙂
Bride and the Mother. Makeup by Kimberly Cruz. Hairstyling both by Judy Sales.

It was a great day despite the 4AM call time. Haha 😀

Congratulations to the bride and groom! 😀

We’re open for more jobs! Just post a comment here or send me a Tweet! ❤

Kist XO

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