And a bit about the July 2012 SuperSale Bazaar

Last July 15, I went to the Super Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center! It was my first time to attend their bazaar and I was with my eldest sister, Katrina, youngest sister, France, and Tita.

I have no pictures of the bazaar since I didn’t have my camera with me. My other sister borrowed it since she had a wedding to attend to.

The place was big! There were a lot of stores which sold a wide variety of things! I wish I had a million to blow but sadly, I was on a budget. hahaha

So what my sister and I did was go around the place and window shopped! We collected business cards so we can contact them in the future! 😉 My baby sister was able to buy more stuff than my sister and I did. haha

She had a new top, a headband, and a ring! Siya na! 😀

Katrina, my sister, bought a satchel from Missy Bags. I think it cost her 750 Php ($18.00).

So here’s what I bought! 😀

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil and Sleek iDivine Palette

I’ve been wanting to buy Sleek eye shadows for the longest time so I bought oneeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Apart from that, I bought NYX’s Jumbo eyeliner pencil. They really are nice! and CHEAP! I bought mine for only 150 Php ($3.58).

We then left WTC at around 6PM but because of the extreme traffic that night, we arrived at Marikina at 8PM. haha We were very hungry!! 😄

Tita bought us to this dainty, homey restaurant at Marikina. I don’t know the name but it’s a house converted into a restaurant. We had yummy dinner there! 🙂

After dinner, we went home. I immediately tried the new palette on my sister. Here’s how she looked! 🙂

I think she only has lipliner there on her lips. 😀

I’ll be writing a more “comprehensive” blog about the two products I bought. I’ll link it here once it’s through!! Till next time!
Click here for my post about the two products I bought! 😀

Kist XO


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