And a bit about the July 2012 SuperSale Bazaar

Last July 15, I went to the Super Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center! It was my first time to attend their bazaar and I was with my eldest sister, Katrina, youngest sister, France, and Tita.

I have no pictures of the bazaar since I didn’t have my camera with me. My other sister borrowed it since she had a wedding to attend to.

The place was big! There were a lot of stores which sold a wide variety of things! I wish I had a million to blow but sadly, I was on a budget. hahaha

So what my sister and I did was go around the place and window shopped! We collected business cards so we can contact them in the future! 😉 My baby sister was able to buy more stuff than my sister and I did. haha

She had a new top, a headband, and a ring! Siya na! 😀

Katrina, my sister, bought a satchel from Missy Bags. I think it cost her 750 Php ($18.00).

So here’s what I bought! 😀

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil and Sleek iDivine Palette

I’ve been wanting to buy Sleek eye shadows for the longest time so I bought oneeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Apart from that, I bought NYX’s Jumbo eyeliner pencil. They really are nice! and CHEAP! I bought mine for only 150 Php ($3.58).

We then left WTC at around 6PM but because of the extreme traffic that night, we arrived at Marikina at 8PM. haha We were very hungry!! XD

Tita bought us to this dainty, homey restaurant at Marikina. I don’t know the name but it’s a house converted into a restaurant. We had yummy dinner there! 🙂

After dinner, we went home. I immediately tried the new palette on my sister. Here’s how she looked! 🙂

I think she only has lipliner there on her lips. 😀

I’ll be writing a more “comprehensive” blog about the two products I bought. I’ll link it here once it’s through!! Till next time!
Click here for my post about the two products I bought! 😀

Kist XO

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