Mila Kunis

I like this look! Gagayahin ko to. hihihi

I originally planned this blog post as a feature of various Mila Kunis’ makeup looks. But you know Google! Always suggesting more than you want/need. Haha

So here I have A LOT OF OTHER photos of Mila Kunis. hihi She’s so beautiful (and sexy to boot!!) ❤ All photos grabbed from online sources, Just Jared, and etc. ❤

I think I first saw her from the movie, Black Swan. What a nice, disturbing movie. hihi

Hope you enjoy this blog post of hotness, brought to you by Mila Kunis. 😀

Oh! And did you know her eyes don’t have the same color? 🙂 Some of the photos may show you that both of her eyes are color brown but actually, one is brown and the other is green-brownish. something like that. hihi

Here’s a perfect example!

Kist XO

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