New Look

It’s Holy Thursday today and it’s boring. XD

Although some people would usually be busy around this time, visiting churches or enjoying the summer sun with friends and family, I’m stuck here at home.

Despite that, I’ve got things to do. Today, I cooked some pasta for lunch.

My tuna pasta in red sauce ingredients. I don't know what you really call it. XD

It wasn’t that fantastic. I think it tasted ok.

After cooking, I took a bath and decided to play with my makeup. 😀 FUUUNN!!!! hahaha

I really didn’t have a look in mind. I just wanted to use the pink eyeshadow my aunt gave me as pasalubong. It’s a CoverGirl eyeshadow. 🙂

Here a quick before and after photo.:)

transformation? hahaha

I added extensions to my hair to make it look longer. For years, I’ve been sporting short hair cause it really suits me. Now, I want to grow my hair long again and have it curled. Hair’s an accessory, too. 🙂

Table with messy makeup. haha 😀 And yes! There's a Swiss knife there because I sharpened my lip liner with it. haha
I used my sister's hair extensions. 😀
Here's how my makeup looks like.

As I’ve said, i only used hair extensions to make my hair look longer. Here’s my real hair length. 🙂

Does it look ok? haha 😀 If you were to pick for me, long hair or short hair? 😀

Kist ❤

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