I Want to Go Blonde

Ahhh.. blonde hair.  I’ve had black hair since I was in second or third year college. For a change, instead of going with the usual shades of brown, I want to turn my hair into blonde.

Some people think that I shouldn’t even consider doing it but if I don’t do it today, wheeeen??

When I’m already in my 30s, married and with kids, and already at the top of the corporate ladder (I don’t know if I’d be able to do that though. hehe) ??

So while I’m still young and.. young… I should do it now! :))

My father had blonde hair once, imagine! My papa!! So cool that man. 😉

So my workmate tells me blonde hair just won’t do on me. But I don’t believe him.. not until I see it. But he suggested a Katy Perry blue instead. XD So I did some research on how blonde hair would look gorgeous on a girl like moi.

According to my research, I should look wonderful with a golden, warm shade of blonde. I have an olive skin undertone so that’s why. 🙂 I’ve been checking out a couple of pictures from blonde celebrities that I could use as hair color models when I finally decide to do it!! :))

I want to go blonde and it’s going to happen. My eldest sister already has blonde hair but it kinda looks brown to me still. XD I’m heading to the salon she went to. At least I know their service was nice.

Wait for the new me. 🙂

Kist XO


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