The Wanted Concert @ The NBC Tent, BGC

The UK boy band, The Wanted, held a concert here in Manila last Friday! To be frank with you, I wasn’t aware of this band until Xan told me about them. But I do know 2 songs from them, I just didn’t know it was them. Bet you have a similar experience. haha 🙂

The band was formed in 2009 and its members are Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Siva Kaneswaran, Max George and Jay McGuiness. But I did some research about them and came to like their song “Lighting.” hahaha The song I knew was “I’m Glad You Came.” 🙂

Xanxan, Julianne, and I went to the concert! It was our second concert together with Xan, first time with Juls. 🙂 Here’s how it went!

Xan and Juls arrived at the NBC Tent for the Meet and Greet with The Wanted at around 6pm. I wasn’t able to join them because I was still at work. 😦 Huhu

I think I got to The Fort Strip at 730pm so we had dinner first at Burger Avenue!

After dinner, we went to the NBC Tent for the concert!! 🙂

Kaninong kamay yan? 😀 haha 😀

We only knew a few songs from the band. haha But they did sing Cold Play hits like Fix You and Viva la Vida. 😀

Siva Kaneswaran of The Wanted
Tom Parker of The Wanted
Max George of The Wanted
Max again. 😉
Jay McGuiness of The Wanted

I don’t have photos of Nathan.:(

Performing 🙂
They are making ‘pakilig’ the audience. XD

At least they don’t have pictures like those of One Direction

The concert was great! The Wanted was received by a tent full of screaming girls! haha We all enjoyed it! 😀

XanKist ❤
Sheb and I. 😀
When we were about to leave, MYX had a quick interview with Xan. They asked for her reaction regarding the concert. hihi 😀

After the concert, we had some coffee at Krispy Kreme!

They gave us three instead of just one box of donuts! We had to return it! 😀
THIS! 😀 We are honest!!! 😀 CHOS. 😀

We basically just talked and laughed and talked and laughed. All good vibes here!! ^_^

It rained that night but we all got home safe and sound. Thanks to Beef and Juls for the super great great night. ❤

Thanks for reading my post! Have a good Sunday! 🙂

Kist XO


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