How to Make Homemade Nose Strips

Are you bothered by blackheads in your nose area? Are you tired of using ineffective products that seem to cost too much? Do you feel like heading to the derma is your last chance to really get rid of them?

Don’t lose hope!

If you haven’t tried this method yet, then you might want to head over to your nearest supermarket and grab the following items for your…

(WTF! I feel like I’m writing an SEO article. haha)

Here are the ingredients:

1. Knox Gelatine (Unflavored)

This is probably the most difficult, yet most important ingredient you need to find for your homemade nose strip. This is usually available in the supermarket. I’ve not had luck finding this but you might. hihi BTW, you buy these in small boxes and not in little packs like the picture below. I think it costs less than Php 500.00, but you get 10 packs of it. I don’t know if you can use other gelatine brands. Can somebody tell me if it’s okay to use other brands other than Knox? XD

2. Onion Paper

Found in your local school supplies stores (eg: National Bookstore), this will act as your nose strip. I’ve cut it in little squares to make it fit my nose. hehe

3. Water

I think some people use milk. I got this recipe from Drew so… yeah. XD


1. Prepare a small amount of water (just enough for your own use) in a pan and heat it up!

2. Add in Knox gelatine into the pan with water and swirl swirl swirl, mix mix mix!! I don’t know how much exactly needs to be added in. I just estimated everything!! haha You should, however, have a slightly sticky and viscous concoction.

3. Once that’s done, transfer it to a bowl and let it cool down for a few minutes. Use a brush to apply the solution to your nose area. Make sure you put some on the sides of your nose!!

4. After that, put the onion paper strip on the areas with the gelatine-water mixture. I really tried to cover every bit of space with paper but it tears apart! Be careful and gentle. hihi

MY NOSE! hahahahahahaha

5. Let the onion paper dry like cement on your nose. 🙂 Don’t touch it while it’s drying. To speed the drying process, I faced the electric fan!! 🙂

6. If you feel like it’s completely dry, peel it off slowly and be amazed!!!!

Here’s how my stip looked like!!

Kita mo yan sa gitna? Haha ang konti lang ng nakuha koooooo.

Tanaaaaan!! There you have it! Easy easy easy! You can do this by yourself or even with friends!! Sulit to mga teh, effective pa! 😀

Try it today and tell me how it works out for you!! 😀

Thanks to Drew for teaching me this! 😀

Kist XO


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