Black Saturday 2012

Black Saturday is also known as the last day of the Holy Week. This is the day when Jesus’ body is laid in the tomb. I wish I had more knowledge about the historic events which we’re suppose to commemorate on each day of the Holy Week but I don’t. I had to Wiki what Black Saturday is all about. XD

Anyway, today is a new day to look for things to do. I was able to do a lot of stuff today. Semi-productive without using makeup on anything. haha


Hunger woke me up this morning. My sister and I had chores to do but we decided to break our fast first. We had some omelette and sausages. šŸ™‚ Right after that, we gave our dog, Champy, a bath.

Before taking a bath!

Champy is a princess shih tzu. Usually they’re cute, well groomed with long hair, and you knooow. Champy isn’t quite that but sometimes she is.

She recently had an accident. She got ran over by a car so one of her legs was amputated. šŸ˜¦ Poor Champy. She still has 4 legs but one doesn’t have a feet. Gets? XD

Gabby, my younger brother, is showing Ate Trina where the big spider was at our backyard.

We didn’t see it though because its web was already destroyed. It’s missing!

This is the spider's web. It's so thick and "strong." The web felt like thread!

So after all the commotion with the spider, back to Champy!

It's bath time Champy!!!

That's me holding Champy.
afraid of the water!!

We used human shampoo for her. We ran out of her shampoo! šŸ˜¦

Busy removing something stuck on her fur(?).

After the Bath

The finished product

Clean Champy!!!:D

After giving Champy a bath, my sister and I watched… Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!!!

It’s one of those movies that reveal your age. Ahaha I remember having Tommy’s white ranger costume when I was younger. šŸ˜€

Morph successful! šŸ˜€
In their "Ninja" outfit

I wanted something to eat/drink while watching Power Rangers. So Ate Trina and I made some Banana Shake!! First time namin to.

After drinking the shakes, I cleaned my nails. The nails on both my feet and hands need some intense love. I have myself a foot spaaaaa. ā¤ I won't show you pictures (although I took some) because I'm shy! hahaha

Cleaned nails. šŸ™‚

I keep on looking for new things to do because my boyfriend’s busy. He’s currently in Leyte with his family and relatives. I’d rather not text him so he could spend enough time with his family. Even though I miss him more and more… XD

After cleaning my hand and feet nails, we had dinner. Spare ribs and nilaga. ā¤

Full again. So full!! XD Then Tita’s sister went here with her husband and Baby Bella!! šŸ˜€

Bella went here to visit us!! šŸ˜€

Somewhere in between those events, I was also able to read Clash of Kings. I’m still on page 446! I’m such a slow reader. šŸ˜¦

What have you been up to today? šŸ™‚


Kist ā¤


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