Good Friday Boredom II

For me and my family, Holy Week is just another week of holidays. We’re not the religious type of family. Heck, we don’t even have the same religions. Some of us are Roman Catholics while one of my sisters and I are Born Again Christians. Broken..

Anyway, my eldest sister came home today from work. She hasn’t had the right amount of sleep yet but she isn’t sleepy. So we decided to kill some time with.. you guessed it – makeup. 🙂

It’s another makeover!! Hahaha

ze paraphernalia

Here’s a before and after picture. 🙂

BEFORE: Her eyes are red because of the contact lenses. 😦
AFTER: This is the result without the hair extensions.

After the makeup, we added some hair extensions. These are the same ones I used yesterday as seen in this post.

black smokey and nude lips

Here are photos of the final look! 😀

That’s Ate Trina’s new hair colour. 🙂

Our Missing Kasambahay

Our new kasambahay hasn’t returned home yet since early this morning. She said she was going out to buy a new charger for the phone tita lent her. She’s super new.. 4 days old with us? So we were wondering where she was. Ate Trina and I decided to head to the village gate to see if she was there  (maybe she’s lost or something) and also, to buy some food at McDonald’s.

So we rode on our father and tita’s bike and started our trip.

I used my father’s bicycle. Papa‘s bike was very tall and the seat was high. XD Good luck.

Good Friday Wounds Never Heal

They say when you get yourself wounded on Good Friday, it never heals/takes a long time for it to heal.

I have a history of getting myself wounded every Good Friday. I’ve been consistent for 3 years. One the first year, I deeply scratched my right knee. On the second year, I wounded my other knee while “diving” and on the third year, I hit my left feet on the sharp edge of my boyfriend’s living room table. All of them healed.

Now, it seems I’ve broken the trend. I managed to get home without a scratch from my biking adventure. Not to mention I rode home with just one hand on the handlebars because my left hand was holding a Monster Coke Float for my younger brother. Phew.

Until now, our new kasambahay isn’t here!!! We have to wait for 24 hours before we could report her as missing. XD

On our way going home on our bikes, Ate Trina and I noticed the round round Moon! Fantabulous. 🙂

For dinner, Ate Trina cooked some 100% pure beef patties and fried it! 🙂 Haha It was yummy. 🙂

Although you're supposed to sacrifice eating this sort of food for today. XD

So that’s how my day went. How was your Good Friday? 🙂

Kist ❤


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