Le Me, Kick Boxing?

I know I’ve always been a “sporty” girl! I’m not afraid to get down and dirty, that’s is a sporty sense, and I believe in the capabilities of my body. Despite having the Kikay bag full of makeup and whatnot, I love sports.

To ‘illustrate’ my sportiness, I used to be a part of our HS class volleyball team! I was an CAT officer and liked the military thing going on, and I loved  PE classes. When I reached college, I took volleyball, badminton, and bowling which I really suck at BTW subjects. Recently though, I tried this new form of martial arts – kick boxing. 🙂

It’s the first time I ever participated in such an activity, not unless you consider Tai Chi as ‘hardcore’ martial arts which I tried during my first year in HS. 🙂 Anyhoo, just yesterday, I went to Rush Hour Gym with my boyfriend, Drew. He’s the one who told me about it. He goes there regularly, MWF, for MMA classes. I just wanted to try kickboxing yesterday and so that I’d know what kind of world he moves in during those dates! 😀

Earlier that day, I tried to orient myself with kick boxing so I watched some YouTube videos. haha It was a good thing I did because it was a lot easier to understand the assistant coach who was handling me.

I met Drew’s friends and Coach Marion who’s teaching MMA and kick boxing classes.

Here’s a short vid of how I faired that night. haha 😀

After learning the basic combos of jab-straight-kick and jab-straight-roundhouse kick in both left and right stances, we did some ab workout!

The exercises reminded me of my THEA107 days. Haha I was the SM who lead the warm up exercises. XD

That’s Drew, me, Gelo, Clint, Shyie, Sab, and Malyn. Coach Marion in red and Kuya Orland in blue.

Fun experience!! 😀 It’s definitely a lot more fun than jogging SOLO at Ayala Triangle! Hahaha 😀 Hoping to do it again soon! 😀

Kist ❤


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