The Blog Bump

Ever since I hit the publish button of my blog article about Ahcee Flores, my blog stats went crazy. XD

It was the first time anything like it happened. EVER! hahaha

My friend, Dexter Julio, has dubbed this phenomenon as the Ahcee Flores Bump. 🙂

I like to set goals with this blog of mine. I like to break the “views on your busiest day,” try to write about various stuff that interests me and whatnot. But since I got 5,447 blog views on a single day, I MAY NEVER BE ABLE TO BREAK IT. Huhu

As you see, the trend of the views decrease each day. Haha As of writing, this blog has around 55 views. SEE? XD With a normal post, I’ll never break it.

But it’s not the real purpose of this blog anyway. Then again it’s quite addicting! Do you ever get that feeling? You get obsessed with the number of views you have each day. You take a peek at your stats throughout the day to see its progress. You’re happy when it’s high and sad when it’s low.

I get that feeling. XD

But I want to remind myself that it’s not about the number of views, it’s about expressing myself. The high blog stats are just a bonus. This is a personal blog so I guess it doesn’t need to have high stats, right? 🙂

So cheers to the Ahcee Flores bump for making me feel super happy on that day! ahaha 😀

Kist ❤


2 thoughts on “The Blog Bump

  1. Don’t mind the stat..Just keep on doing on what you think describes you the best and as long as you are happy doing it..Keep it up..


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