To Ahcee Flores: Shut Your Pie Hole!

If you have nothing to say, please don’t say anything. Or in this case, type.

The 6.9 magnitude earthquake that hit a big portion of Negros and Cebu was the news topic on a Yahoo! article that she commented on. Here are just some of her rude comments:

Super Rough English Translation: Let us all pray… that the tsunami would happen so that many Visayans would die, so that the number of unelegant/low class=baduy people in the Philippines would lessen.
Very Rough English Translations: First comment: Haven’t you noticed? The Visayas are recently being hit by calamities because they are evil people, they are extinguishing their forests so they’re being punished. All Visayans should be eradicated, they are arrogant people. The second comment says: I hope there would be a tsunami here in Cebu because I haven’t seen one yet. It’s a nice tourist attraction.

Her comments were NOT funny at all. Because of these “opinions”, people all over from Visayas and prolly Mindanao are after her! This has turned into a circus! There are now Facebook Hate Pages for her and a “Fan Page” that she “owns” too. And not only that! She has a newly made Twitter account!! “She” replies on both her FB and Twitter accounts.

Siya na! Ikaw na ‘te!!

Who is Ahcee Flores?

According to various hate pages about her, they say her real name is Gladys Lumantes Delos Santos. She changed her Profile picture.

I don’t know if she really is the real Achee Flores, or if it was just a made up name in Yahoo! to enrage the people from Visayas, or if she’s a real life troll but the fact is, the person behind these comments is inconsiderate and probably brainless. XD

There’s another blog saying that this Ahcee Flores is actually a guy from Caloocan.

The following image has Achee’s accounts from various websites. I believe the one at the left is his account. It also comes from the blog mentioned earlier.

They say the cellphone number is still active. But I didn’t try.

Cities have been damaged because of the earthquake and around 7 people have been confirmed dead. 😦

But according to this article, it could be more than just 7. This article says that around 29 people have been buried 30 ft under the ground because of a landslide caused by the earthquake. It happened in the city of Guihulngan, which is located near the epicenter of the quake. Photos from this Facebook Page.

My friends from Cebu and Bacolod seem to be fine. Some of them are even saying that it’s not that big of a deal. Either way, I’m glad they’re safe.

Let’s pray for Visayas…



49 thoughts on “To Ahcee Flores: Shut Your Pie Hole!

  1. i think she is a stupid brainless jerk! she’s selfish and I know God will hold her accountable for all the rude comments she made..unless of course she repents before she dies

  2. ampanget nmn pala nya e sobrang PANGET!! nakakinis sa mga tao yung anlakas magbitaw ng salita! tapos mukhang mangkukulam nmn pala nagmamaganda di nmn maganda

  3. hala!!! tama ba na mag comment sya nang ganoon sa ganitong sitwasyon? my god!!! wanted ka gurl. makitan taka ambot lang nimo. lubong akong stilleto sa imong dagway.

  4. Hoy achee Flores, those people you wish to die are your mother, father, brothers and sisters, it will happen to you triple fold and it will be worst,

  5. ill beat the shit out of this dumbs slut and feed half of her body to the gators- and then wait for tsunami to come, and wash her arrogant, insensitive, heartless, and ugly inside and out body – thats how i feel about people like her- that dumb stupid bitch need to rot in hell

  6. I wonder if you guys noticed on the second image and the second highlighted post.
    “Sana magkaroon nang tsunami dito sa cebu..”
    Just wana stress out the word “DITO” which means “HERE”.
    Does she happen to be in Cebu yesterday?
    Or is she a Bisaya as well? Its just a speculation, but whether its true or not…
    I still wanna blow her brains out!!!

  7. She lacks attention that is why she made herself known by her evil thoughts/opinion on the net. She thinks highly of herself too but the English grammar on her evil posts is so poor that i would say even kids in primary school is better. Evil, low-life, inglorious and sick creature…That is Ahcee Flores!!!

  8. Ohhh men! she thinks bisaya are baduy? well look at her pics!
    Im pretty sure she never seen her self in the mirror lately, cz if I wer to comment
    on her physical look? Id say She looks like a typical MAID.

    A Servant, Katulong, Slave, or a wanna be. Its lke she just shouted the words
    to remind herself how she looks like.

    Regardless of how many times she pray of tsunami to hit Cebu, its less likely to
    come true. Since Cebu is sorrounded by island, any momentum that will try to create
    a tsunami, it tends to slow down.

    Have fun ruining her life guys! Hunt her! step on her! Good luck!

    1. mao jud…let as unit taga bisaya ipaglabab natin ang ating lahi..

      sana tandaan ng Achee Flores na ito …manigas ka

      sana ma ontog ka para magising ka sa mga ginagawa mo ….yawa ka

  9. thank you kist aka greenscorpio for blogging Achee Flores’ vile posts Re: Cebu, Negros Earthquake last Monday,6th of February 2012.

      1. you’ve got a good hart green scorpio. Thanx 4 d awareness of that stupid twat! I stay hre in UK but am proud to be a capiznon! Mestizos & mestizas are from visayas, info for ahcee mukhang katulong flores.

  10. Achee! hindi ka lang marunong kaya iniwan ka ng boyfriend mu at puma+ol sa baklang bisaya dahl magaling pa sau. lol! kaya insecure ka. bwahaha!

  11. I know a lot of people from Manila/Luzon, not all but a lot, thinks they’re above everyone else especially those that are from the province. They think probinsyanos are low class and they make fun of the intonation when we’re speaking in tagalog. But this bitch? She’s is the epitome of the worst kind. I can ignore their racism and ignorance but this? no way!!!! you’re the most stupidest, ugliest (look at those humongous pair noses she has…oh is that just one nose?sorry, it’s so big I thought she has two), moronic, vindictive, bitchiest, full of crass, schnook, biggest birdbrain in the world…tragedies and loss should bring us together, but here goes a pinhead like you spewing venom…but it’s okay, we’re made of stronger stuff. nothing will bring us down and most certainly not from some nitwit like you. I do believe in karma thou and it can’t come any sooner.

  12. hoi kung sinong impakta ka. wag kang mag talk ng ganyan. im proud to be cebuanos. dont you know. na magaling kami mangkulam. ha.ha.ha. you hated us. well. thats fine. dahil kami mga in beauty as in. spanish era beauty inggit ka lang. fuck you!!!!!!!!!!

  13. basing on the pics that i saw… this person is a dude. and he thinks all bisaya are baduy? c’mon man! i mean , look at his pics! calling us baduys is like shit telling vomit “you stink”.

  14. kung sino ka ACHEE FLORES.hindi lahat ng mga bisaya walang mga respeto..hindi natin alam baka sa susunod sa inyo nman ang nangyari sa amin..tanga mo.kung makalait ka akala mo perfecto kana .

    kilalanin mo muna kaming mga bisaya..kung ano talaga kami hindi yong nanglait ka lang dahil may galit ka..for yuor info…hindi kami ganyan.sana parusahan karin kasi tanga ka..mahiya ka naman …bobo….

  15. may reason daw siya kaya niya ginawa yun, yun ay dahil iniwan at niloko siya ng isang bisaya at ipinagpalit din sa isang bisaya.
    pero hindi dahilan yun para maging immoral siya at sabihan ng masama ang lahat ng bisaya, , , ang lakas niya kung kinakaya pa niya lahat ng nababasa niya tungkol sa kanya.

    hindi niya inisip kung ano ang ginawa niya.

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