Delving Into Sinulog, 2012


I saw the parade (bits of it), got sardined by people, and danced like its the end of the world.
My FIRST Sinulog Experience 🙂

I braved the Sinulog Festival (and came out alive) in this outfit! ahahaha 😀

The Sinulog Festival is an annual event held every third Sunday of January in honor of Santo Niño in Cebu City, the Queen City of the South. It’s my first time to experience the Sinulog Festival and I was very lucky to spend it with my boyfriend and his friends from an online game called I will introduce you to them later on 🙂

So here’s how my day started on that Sunday, full of festive activities! 🙂

Well, first off, I wasn’t able to start the day early. Drew and I came from an event the night before so we were quite tired and super sleepy. We took our time preparing (at least I did) for our day’s itinerary and left at around 11 AM.

When we reached Fuente Osmeña Circle, we couldn’t contact Drew’s friends to ask for directions to our meeting place since all the mobile networks were down. Our visit was also intended for their online group’s eyeball/gathering. We decided to have some lunch first at The Coffee Bean and TeaLeaf at Robinsons Cybergate (I think). We tried to prepare ourselves for the possible “hardships” we might go through. ahaha The cold wind at CBTL couldn’t have felt any better!

No, this wasn

Drew and I took some pictures of the parade at Fuente Circle. We kept on moving from one place to another because we couldn’t find a “comfortable” place to just really stay put and take pictures of the parade.

Here are just some of the prominent people from TV and pageants who went to the festival

We also ended up buying some necklaces from vendors on the street on our way to Mango where we’d meet Drew’s friends (when he finally received a 3-hour old text, yes sms and call services were all down!!!). One Mango Avenue is ONE BIG “area” full of bars and restaurants that cater to the gimikeros and gimikeras of Cebu. Anyhoo… The sun was shining so brightly that day that my wide brimmed sombrero was weak against it. We looked for a shade every time.

Apart from that, we were on the wrong side of the street on our way to Mango Ave. 😦 This was where we literally got stuck along the street and the people were all pushing and trying to move. Good thing one of the “parade crowd control staff” let us cross the parade line to reach the other side of the street. THANK GOD!

I immediately looked for a place to sit on right after arriving One Mango Ave. Here are a few snapshots. 🙂

I needed to SIT! Anywhere! XD The way to Mango was so grueling! XD
Look at all the people!!

We needed to go to Bryz Bar and Resto somewhere in Mango to have a few (this word is an understatement of what we actually drank) drinks and celebrated Sinulog there!! 😀

Ho! Ho! Jack Daniel’s. XD
That’s Us! 🙂
This guy here is Aaron! He’s from Australia and he went to Cebu just for “The Gathering” of Utopia and Battllefield Online players! Majority of the attendees where BOGERS players. BOGERS is the kingdom name of Drew’s current kingdom in Battlefields, lead by Jan. 😀
This is Cara (Zneb’s wife) and Jan (Bogers Monarch) . Two of our generous hosts! 🙂
EEEEIIIKK JD!! Beer please. XD
Yeah finally. RH!!!
Some shirtless men dancing and making the girls (and gays) scream! 🙂
This is Tom (BigEars) our BOUNTIFUL HOST from PNG, Zneb(ElHefe) our Accommodating Host, and Irish(Kira’s partner who also flew in from Australia) our Lechon Sponsor. 🙂 NOTE: names in () are IRC nicks. LoL
This is where we mostly stayed during Sinulog. 🙂
(L-R) Don_Abritz, Jakuz, Drew(Kaz), Elhefe, Lagski
(L-R) Jan, (forgot the name of the guy in blue.. sorry.), Andoylicious, Kaz, Aaron (Alleluia)
BigEars, Irish, Jan, Elhefe, Chinky, Kaz, Cara
Bogers! 🙂

BTW, who are these guys? XD

Bogers, as what they call themselves, are Drew’s friends. He is still new to their group. Here’s a gist of their story:

Who would have thought that a group of bored, strategy-minded individuals with different personalities, from various parts of the Philippines would meet online in a text-based cooperative game, play against other kingdoms from all over the world, form a tight bond from hours and hours of sleepless 3 to 5-day wars, and even berate one another in IRC to the brink of frustration during losing battles, would finally decide to meet in real life during, no less, than the chaotic and festive Sinulog in Cebu City.

BOGERS ended another age as 2nd most honorable kingdom in the world (They ended the previous age as #1)

Back to Sinulog…
The scene. 🙂 I swear there’s a bigger crowd beyond what this camera has captured. XD
Street parties happening everywhere!!!! 🙂

We left Bryz for a bit to have dinner at Cara and Zneb’s place. Can’t wait for the Lechon!!

Rico’s Spicy Lechon from Talamban, Cebu

They say the best lechon in the whole wide world is in Cebu. 🙂 Compared to Manila’s lechon, I personally think that Cebu’s lechon is a WHOLE lot tastier, crunchier, and juicier. Haha! 😀

This particular lechon I tasted, had a twist – SPICY! 🙂

We had it for dinner! I wish I could order some and have it delivered here to Manila. ahaha 😀

Happy from the yummy dinner! 🙂

After dinner, I went straight to Ayala Mall to meet Bernie and Victor, who were my classmates from most of my elementary years to first year high school in Sacred Heart School, Tacloban City.

This is Victor and Bernie!!!
This is Victor, me, and Edward! 🙂

It was so good to see the, again after almost 8 years!! XD

After dinner, I went back to Bryz and danced the night away! ahahaha 😀

My first Sinulog experience is one of the most exciting and rewarding trips I have ever had. I met a lot of people and I was able to immerse myself with the people of Cebu. I want to go back there next year! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂

This is the first post from a series of entries narrating my Cebu Adventure! So wait for the rest of them! 😀

This blog post was edited by Andrew. ahaha 🙂



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