102111: Lancôme Beauty Workshop

Just yesterday, I went to Lancôme’s  beauty workshop which happened at their Greenbelt 5 boutique, to talk about their latest skincare line, the Visionnaire, and their Fall Collection: 29 St. Honore make up. 🙂

The Lancôme Boutique at Greenbelt 5

Lancôme is known for their luxurious yet beautiful make up products and effective skincare all over the world. 🙂

Carrie Co, one of Lancôme’s brand managers talked to us about the Visionnaire skincare products and how it works. According to her, it took them around 12 years of research to produce LR 2412, which is the key ingredient to the Visionnaire products.

This beauty serum has 17 patents (wow!) and each 30/mL bottle retails at P5,300. 🙂

Carrie also showed us a demo of how it works compared to a competitor’s product. So far, this is  Lancôme’s most advance skin corrector that targets pores, wrinkles, and evenness. You can also use this to reduce acne marks and the effects of UV rays.

I met Angela Silverio (above) at the workshop. 🙂 She volunteered for the Visionnaire-massage trial since she was very interested about Visionnaire while I, modeled for the Lancôme Fall 2011 Collection: 29 St. Honore make up. 🙂

Ms. Kate (Guest Make Up Artist), me, and Ms. Carrie of Lancome

Ms. Kate was the guest make up artist for Lancôme who did a demo for all the products in their fall collection. 🙂 The collection was named after the first boutique location of Lancôme located in 29 St. Honore.

According to it’s website, the collection “revisits the classic femme fatale era when timeless cult makeup products were born. This seductive color statement captures the glamour of the 1940s with luscious red lips and seductive smokey eyes.” You can check the collection on Lancome’s USA website. 🙂

Here are more pictures!! 🙂

Ms. Kate doing more make up demos 🙂
That's me in red with the finished look.

After the whole workshop, which lasted for two hours, they gave freebies!! 🙂

Here’s what’s inside:

Now, I just have to figure out which product comes before which. Wish me luck on that. XD

Hoping for more Lancôme events in the future! 🙂



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