Life is Getting Blurry

A Random Anecdote: Life is Getting Blurry

Date: July 28, 2011
Where: Manila Domestic Airport

It was around 3 AM when I found myself bored while waiting for my flight with Drew to Tacloban City, Leyte, which was still 2 hours away. I wanted to kill some time while waiting and all I could think of was to take pictures. I just bought my Canon S95 camera so I wanted to explore its capabilities a bit.

I already took photos of Andrew playing with the MacBook here, the Sto. Niño at my 4 o’clock, and some other random objects near us. I thought it was time for me to look for a new target. I thought my eyesight was getting blurry because I couldn’t read the Kiddie Traveler’s Lounge Rules posted on a board that was about 5 meters away from us.

I asked Drew if he could read the rules on the board and he was able to read it without any difficulty. I, on the other hand, felt like I was learning how to read again. I told him I think my eyesight might be getting blurry. He said that most of the time, only one eye has the problem, or had more of the problem in worse cases.

I covered my right eye and this was what I saw…

I then covered my left eye and this was what I saw…

I just hope my eyesight won’t come to this in the near future…

I recently went to Sarabia Optical in Glorietta 4 to have my eyes refracted. The lady checked my eyes and after that, she asked whether my eyes were “tired.” I said they might be since I spent my whole day in front of the computer, working. She advised me to return the next day before work so my eyes weren’t stressed yet. I haven’t returned since. XD

Eye Check Up Results: 75 for both eyes

If ever I have to wear eye glasses, I’d have them in cat-eye frames. You can buy these from this link.

And also, I’ll legally have to wear colored contact lenses! 😀 I miss my hazel colored lenses.

Life may get blurry, but they’re still a bright side to it. 😉



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