Yes! All clothing pieces were bought from a thrift shop.


The black maxi dress didn’t really looked like that when I bought it. I folded the opaque skirt from the inside to make it a mini skirt. I’ve been craving for a black maxi skirt ever since I saw this lady walking along Ayala Ave. while I was on my way to work. The other inspiration was from one of the girls featured on I like this website so much because you actually see the clothes being worn by people on the streets, not just for a photo shoot. :p Check it out! 🙂

Where: Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall – 4th Floor Grand Ukay Ukay! It was one whole cinema filled ukay! heaven! haha

Price: P180.00


I just had to put this on to balance my look. I’ve been hunting for this kind of polo for so long. 🙂

Where: “Boni Square” (It’s not the real name but I just want to call it that. It’s near the Boni MRT Station)

Price: P50.00 (The Ukay shop was on sale)


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