Sabrina Orial: Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart

It’s weird how I have never blogged about my best friend, Sabrina Orial. We were college best buddies who went through thick and think in various circumstances of life e.g. acads, lovelife, family, and friends.

Thanks to Dan Gideon Fernandez, I did get the chance to write about her. It’s just not on THIS blog but on a better one.

It’s called From what I know, it’s a blog dedicated to normal people who live interesting lives. These are the people you may come across with every day and sometimes, by chance, like Sabrina!

According to the website, “Manila Mosaic is a photographic chronicle of the different people you may meet on the streets of Metro Manila. MaMo aims to thin-slice the identity of our culture in this period of time.”

Sabrina the Philippines' Acoustic Sweetheart on ManilaMosaic

MaMo has already featured a baker, a surfer, an on-the-job trainee waiter, and a rock balance artist. One of its most famous personalities was Zorro of UP.

Sabrina Filipina Singer Acoustic Sweetheart on Tunog Pinoy Stage Singing

Sabrina on Stage Singing

Sabrina Orial has received a lot of singing awards for her I ❤ Acoustic and I ❤ Acoustic Too albums over the past years. Sabrina has found something she likes to do and surely, she’ll find success and excellence (purya buyag).

I had fun writing the article for MaMo and since I knew Sabrina personally, I was difficult to be unbiased. Thanks to Dan’s editing, it reads without any trace of such.  🙂

You can read the full blog entry I wrote for Sabrina Orial, Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart at Subscribe to the blog to get a piece of today’s Manila scene.

Kist ❤


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