Post Secret: Expose Your Secret(s) Here

While working and browsing over some websites, I found this site from one of our clients. I found it really cool and it’s a pretty nifty way for people to have an outlet to express and share their “deepest darkest secret.”

Best thing about it is that its out in the public, but no body knows it’s from you. The website’s called Post Secret.

Everybody has a secret.

This is what the website is all about.

Post Secret, A website where you can post your secrets anonymously
This is how their page looks like. Post Secret keeps it simple and dark.

It calls itself as an ongoing art community project.

If ever you are interested in sending in your own secret, you can create a postcard and anonymously mail it to them. I think you can send it through email or snail mail.
With all the postcards they have received, they have compiled 3 books of secrets for the public to see.

Post Secret Sample Postcards
They even hold an art exhibit to showcase all the postcards.

I really think that the idea is cool and it engages the people reading it. The sad thing about this is that most of the secrets are depressing. Some talk about cheating on a partner, sad love stories, suicide, and even abortion.

Post Secret Sad Secrets
(Top Photo) I had SEX with somebody famous… and can’t even brag, because I’m married! (Lower Photo) If you were pregnant when we broke up, I hope you kept the baby. Although I am pro-choice, I would rather have a living child that hates me (and can ruin me now) than have a dead child.

Although there are some funny secrets, I find them seldom in this site. This site really knows how to appeal to people into revealing their “deepest darkest secret.”

People are always drawn to secrets. It’s like you want to know. No matter who that person is, it will attract a social human being. I don’t know the psychological implications of secrets but you are welcome to write a comment at the bottom of this post. ^_^

Do you have a secret of your own?

I think this is a great alternative if you can’t find someone you can trust and tell your own little secret. Visit the website at


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