Everything’s New!

New Month

It’s April 2011. Just last year, the same month, I was mindlessly wasting my time surfing the internet, eating, sleeping, and “trying” to look for a job. I just wanted to relax. While most of my friends were already employees on a probationary status, I was simply waiting for graduation. Look at me now! I’m still on probationary status. XD

New Job

Last March 18, I officially ended my “relationship” with Yell Adworks, my employer for 6 months. Right now, I’m a two week old writer in a company here in Makati City. Its great training for writing (I’m not a good writer at all, and this shouldn’t be training anymore because it’s my actual job, ddooh) so I’m really putting a lot of effort into this work. We are only 5 writers on the day shift and 1 in the night shift. We’re only a handful of writers writing 6 articles a day. This is something I’ve never done before. My only wish is to survive!

I miss my workmates from Yell. They were a bunch of fun, crazy, intelligent people. They were admirable. I won’t name names, it’s too hurtful (daw, kuno). I recently had a get together with them last April 2 and it was fun. We played games and drank and made other people drunk (that was more fun). I got to catch up with their lives with hell, I mean, Yell. Hopefully, they can all find the jobs that they love, soon.

New Home

I live in Cainta, Rizal. It is two hours away from Makati, where I work. After a year of wanting to move out, I finally did it! With my own hard earned (nga ba?) money, I rented out one bedroom in an apartment. It’s a room for rent! Everything else that I need is there. My commute is only 15-30 minutes, depending on the traffic at EDSA and I walk my way to the Boni MRT station. Great exercise!
My room looks like my room in the Sassy’s apartment in Los Baños. I arranged the furniture the same way because, it had good Feng Shui. Yes, I believe in all that. I bought new things that I’ll need in the new house. I love living alone. I love the feeling of being independent. Wow. I guess I really am independent now. I’m paying for everything, myself. ^_^

New Friends

Work’s just like school. Only the main objective is not to learn but, in this case, to write quality articles. I’ve got new friends now but I’m still a newcomer. No close friends, don’t think I will have any, but who knows. I’m still new, right? More friends please!

Everything is just fine and dandy these days. =) When I was still with Yell, one of my friends performed a Tarot reading for me. Although she said a lot of other things, I remember her saying that if I stopped being indecisive, everything else will just follow and get better. After that, I continued my resignation and everything else went perfectly.


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